Quote Me: “You plant something great. I you stop, it’s gone!”

I discovered a new, awesome Vietnamese restaurant in Calgary today. Driving by with my bicycle the other day, I saw the name “Pho Pasteur Saigon” and I knew I had to go, because there is a very famous Pho restaurant … read more



Church Yoga or ‘Praise Moves’

 The many ways to practice Yoga are uncountable. I thought I knew about the general variations in temperature while practicing, the different combination of poses etc. But I have definitely never imagined a Yoga the way I practiced it on … read more



How to become an English Teacher in Ho Chi Minh City

… and live the good life. I am standing here, telling you that YOU, yes you, nobody else but you, can be an English teacher in Saigon, or, politically correct speaking: Ho Chi Minh City in the beautiful country called … English Teaching in Asia



Mexican / Spanish Dancy Salsa

I want to make this quick & short. This salsa is a fancy one, but it is so easy to make with such a special taste, it will make you dancy. It’s vegan as well, it could be raw as … read more

Do it Yourself


DIY Friday: Dinner for one – Bruschetta

Spring is coming! (or at least it was supposed to, since we’re still stuck with cold and rain). Spring means longer days, warm afternoons, laziness and definitely not wanting to sweat in the kitchen. So, spring also means simple recipes! … read more

Delicious or not?!


Vietnamese Food in Winnipeg: Coconut Garden, trời ơi, ngon quá!

We left the city we exploited for Vietnamese food for a couple of days, and where did we end up having dinner in Winnipeg? At the Vietnamese place around the corner. Of course. We are pathetic. But what can you … read more